I wanted Bread and Honey to be different from other restaurants I have been to and worked at, in two ways;

First, the food; I wanted my menu to be simple and accessible, I wanted my customers to be able to recognize and pronounce most of my ingredients. I wanted to keep my price point down by taking ingredients that you can find in most grocery stores, like onions and butter and by caramelizing  the onions and browning the butter you are turning them into something new and more flavorful without adding any additional cost.

My theory is that if you know the fundamentals of flavors such as sweet, salty, sour, umami and heat you can turn the most basic simple ingredients into something pretty amazing.

Basically I wanted serve good food that most people could afford without any pretense or ego.

The second way I wanted Bread and Honey to be different is the way everyone is treated when they walk in the door, and by everyone I mean my employees as well as my customers.

I really believe that customers being treated with love and respect starts with employees being treated with love and respect.

I want everyone that walks in the door to be greeted and listened to, I want my customers to feel relaxed and happy, and I hope people can tell how much we all love each other and how much we love what we’re doing.



Chef/Owner Dyani Walden has worked in restaurants since she was 17. She started in a small café as a dishwasher and when given the choice of being a server or a prep cook, she chose to follow her love of making food over making money. Chef Walden has cooked all along the west coast from California to Alaska, from fine dining to a vegan bakery. She has learned to respect and love a busy and well-organized kitchen. Through it all she has never forgotten the freedom and simplicity of how a small café runs or how a small staff feels like family. The Bread & Honey Café is a culmination of her 20 years cooking experience and her vision of a wholesome and friendly café.



Trevor began cooking during his time at Oberlin College in the Co-Operative Dining Halls. There, students taught each other all they knew about cooking and learned the importance of good food in creating a strong community. After graduating, he followed his passion for simple, healthy food at Food in Bloom Catering. Starting off as an unseasoned prep cook, over four years Trevor became a sous chef and manager alongside Dyani. At the Bread & Honey Café, he hopes to further share his love of simple, healthy food and the profound influence it can have on our lives and our community.

“If we can make and serve good simple food, with people that we care about- to people that we care about, then we haven't just created a good job, we have created a good life.” - Dyani Walden