I’ve worked in restaurants and professional kitchens for my entire adult life and along the way I started to plan a Café based on my experiences, some things to do and some things not to do.

 I want Bread and Honey to be different from other restaurants in two ways;

First, the food; I want my menu to be simple, accessible and affordable. I want my customers to be able to recognize and pronounce most of my ingredients. I want everyone to be able to afford something on our menu. I keep my price point low by taking simple ingredients, like onions and butter and by caramelizing the onions and browning the butter I can turn them into something new and more flavorful without adding any additional cost.

My theory is that if you know the fundamentals of flavors such as sweet, salty, sour, umami and heat you can turn the most basic ingredients into something complex, well balanced and amazing.

Basically, I want to serve good food that people can afford without any pretense or ego.

The second way I want Bread and Honey Café to be different, is the way everyone is treated when they walk in the door, and by everyone I mean my employees as well as my customers. I’ve worked in kitchens where everyone worked in fear and it’s completely unnecessary and doesn’t lead to better tasting food or harder working people.

I treat my employees with love and respect and therefore I want them to treat my customers with love and respect.

In a food centric city like Portland it might seem underwhelming to have “ simplicity and niceness “ be the thing that sets us apart, but if you’ve ever tried to order at a counter and been ignored for so long that you think you’re standing in the wrong place, or if you go out and spend fifty dollars on two drinks and some hand foraged vegetables then you might understand my desire to create a place that is friendly and straight forward.

From the tables that me and my husband Joe Gibson built to the walls that Trevor and I painted to the dessert plates I bought from Goodwill, Bread and Honey Café has truly been a labor of love, and I hope everyone who walks in door can enjoy it.