I love cooking, I love the outcome of my work, seeing people enjoy it. Reading the reviews on Yelp and Facebook, watching happy faces as they finish their last bite of a brown butter chocolate chip cookie. But it's not all fun and games folks... Here are a few of my least favorite things about cooking brunch, plus a few of my favorite brunch specials.

Our special scramble this past weekend was so good 3 regulars begged me to put in on the menu, BEGGED!! I said I’d think about. Bacon, Brie, and mushroom scramble with sautéed arugula, shallots and roasted garlic. Served with breakfast potatoes and toast, yummmm.

This one is easy, one of my least favorite things about cooking brunch is, and don't laugh, but it's being cold. It's like the saying goes, “If you don't like the heat say no to the heated make up air when you are building your kitchen.” For those of you who don't know, heated make up air is what the hood vent above the stove creates, when it sucks the heat and grease out of the air then blows outside air from the roof back on to me. I love the heat and I hate being cold and the only reason that I said no to the heated make up air is because it was $3k and I thought it was for weenies, whoever heard of a kitchen being too cold? it's probably because everyone springs for heated make up air. Anyway, It's ironic because I made a big deal about canceling it. I thought my business partner was being talked into something stupid and now I'm the one that's getting ice cold air blown down the back of my neck.

My next favorite brunch special is a little spicy and a little sweet and really good with sour cream, but really, what isn't? Our Chorizo & Sweet Potato Hash, with green chilies, sweet onions and sautéed greens. Served with 2 eggs and a biscuits. It's AMAZING!!!!

No back to the naughty list, this one is vexing more than anything else, it's like watching old people put ketchup on a well done steak, you already ruined the meat and now your just insulting it. Okay, my second brunch pet peeve is, over hard eggs! Come on people the yolk is the best part!!! And-and-and, they take forever, and I only have six burners and four egg pans so time is of the essence and I don't like to waste it making something that taste like a mistake.

Next on the specials list, this one was very popular with its healthy amount of vegetables and smokey delicious bacon. Early fall breakfast bowl with sautéed kale, shallots, bacon and delicata squash. Served over breakfast potatoes, with 2 eggs sunny side up.

I saved my very least favorite thing about brunch for the end and I don't want to disappoint anyone by how unoriginal this one is. It's like living in Portland and complaining about traffic or condos or millennials (all of which are my favorite things to complain about by the way), but I digress. My absolute, worst, most annoying thing to make for brunch is egg white omelettes, or egg white anything really, they burn really fast, it takes forever to separate them, and if we were ment to only eat the whites then God would have made chickens differently. Also, haven't we all been told that the cholesterol egg thing is a myth?

Well, there you have it, if you are curious about what my next brunch special is come to Bread and Honey Café and find out... If you want overhard eggs, or an egg-white omelet, I'll make it for you, with love! ;)