Well, the days are getting longer, the cherry trees are blowing their petals all over the city and it is still raining every mother F-ing day!!!! Welcome to May in Portland or as I like to call it, a brighter winter…but have no fear dear readers, or reader, I have found many activities that don't include standing in the rain looking at tulips.

The first one is walking in the rain …not looking at tulips,  for Walk Williams Wednesday on the 10th  from  5 to 9. The Williams Vancouver Business Alliance, which I am a part of, is promoting all the great small business on Williams by giving out passports that one can fill in by going to these businesses and asking for a stamp, the one with the most stamps gets a prize!!!!  Bread and Honey Café will not be participating this month because …I don't want to, and because I would rather go support my fellow business owners then stay open 2 hours later waiting for people who read the fine print and realized that Walk Williams Wednesday also includes Vancouver Ave.

The next on the list is Bread and Honey’s very own Happy Hour Book Exchange !!! On Wednesday the 17th starting at 5:00, bring a book that you've read but won't mind parting with, put in a pile of like-minded books, take a book that you judge solely on the cover and drink wine. Did I mention that I make popcorn? It's like a book club for people who love books but don't have time to read a crap book that doesn't get a plot for the first 80 pages, but everyone keeps telling you just to stick with it.

Now the best is usually saved for last, and this is no exception because the menu for this month's Supper Club is the best one yet !!! Thursday, May 25th at 6:30 we start with tomato basil bruschetta, house made ricotta, fig and balsamic reduction, a grilled asparagus salad with a goat cheese vinaigrette. Sweet potato Gnocchi with browned butter garlic sauce, sautéed greens and seared cod with basil pesto. The dessert is a coconut milk tiramisu with salted caramel sauce. And you get a glass of wine, beer or Prosecco for only 45 dollars. For more information, go to our website or call the Café to make a reservation.

Have a wonderful May, I hope to see you on one of those dates, and if you're new to Portland keep in mind that the weather doesn't feel like summer until after the 4th of July