The History of the kolache is a sordid one, full of forbidden love, double crosses and a gypsy curse. It all starts is the The Czech Republic and ends in Texas in 1829… actually none of that is true, I'm just making things up because my internet is down and I can't google the history of the kolache.

What I do know is that kolache shops are everywhere in Texas and that fruit kolache were brought over by the Czechs that emigrated to Texas in the year of… well, a long time ago, and somewhere along the way the sausage kolache was born. Czechs that live in the rest of the world don't recognize sausage kolaches as being kolaches, but anyone that has spent any time in taxes knows and loves the sausage kolache. My husband is from Huntsville Texas and his love of kolaches borders on obsession, in fact he built me a restaurant just so I would have a platform to share kolaches with Portland.

For those of you who don't know what a kolache is, your mind is about to be blown, by blown, I just mean you're about to learn a lot about kolaches. Your mind will be blown when you come in to Bread and Honey Café and eat your first kolache, after your mind is blown, you will wander around in a daze, wondering how you will be able to stop thinking about the smoky, salty, juicy Zenner's Sausage wrapped in a sleeping bag of, fluffy, sweet, yeasty dough.

You will have finally pulled yourself together, wiping your mouth, smoothing your hair and heading for the door, when you see that we have just taken something out of the oven, is that another flavor? Is that melted cheese and jalapeños? Oh My God !!!!

After you regain consciousness, you find that the good people at Bread and Honey Café have given you a small to go box with strict instructions not to open it until you are in the safety of your own home. As you run/walk home, you can't help but smell blueberries, lemon curd, cream cheese and vanilla. Yes crazy stranger, that's right, we also make fruit kolaches.