January sucks!!!!
I'm not going to sugar coat it for you guys, January in Portland is cold, wet, dark and the worst part... boring!

People are trying to live up to their futile New Years resolutions, which usually means drinking less, eating less cookies, spending less money etc. No good stories start with, “so instead of drinking a bottle of champagne alone and cyber stalking my ex boyfriend’s current girlfriends, I went to the gym “ boring!!! Just to be clear, drinking and cyber stalking does not make a good story, unless you leave comments that you wish you hadn't, not that I'm promoting bad behavior, I just don't like boring stories.

Anyway, I decided to fix January for everyone by making 3 fun events at Bread and Honey Café. All ages welcome, except children. Drinking is not mandatory, but certainly encouraged.

First, the most popular event in world... okay, not the world, just the west coast, it's our Happy Hour Book Exchange!!! The second Wednesday of January (January 11) at 5:00 pm at Bread and Honey Café, bring your old books, your love of cheap wine and I'll make the popcorn.

Second, come join us for our first Hot Winter Cocktail Party. We are teaming up with Hot Winter Hot Sauce to make specialty cocktails with their amazing chili brine and I'm going use their delicious sauces to make Carrolton Farms pulled pork sliders. Have a honey chili bourbon cocktail with a pulled pork and Apple slaw slider for only 10 dollars. Friday the 13th at 5:00
Cold January meet Hot Winter... "How do you do?"

Last but not least, the fourth Bread and Honey Supper Club. The last Thursday of January (January at 6:30 at Bread and Honey Café. If you haven't been to one yet, now is the perfect chance to get in on the fun. Here is the menu for this upcoming event;

First Course, Meat, cheese and olive platter with a cucumber feta salad and warm pita bread.
Second Course, spinach and cheese spanakopita served with an arugula red onion salad with parsley and mint.
Third Course, Greek lamb shank braised in a tomato, wine garlic sauce, served with lemon, butter and chive rice pilaf with gingered bitter greens.
Fourth Course, honey phyllo baklava with vanilla bean ice cream.