It's FALL! And I have a list of five great fall activities that don't include pumpkin spice lattes.

1) Go to the river one last time to say goodbye, take a deep breath and appreciate the changing light and the changing leaves.
Say goodbye to tomatoes and zucchini and say hello to Delicata Squash and yams.
Say goodbye to cleanses and diets and say hello to wine braised meats, and red wine.
Say goodbye to salads and say hello to soups.
Say goodbye to socially awkward barbecues and say hello to Netflix.

2) Before you break out your Snuggy and start binge watching The Walking Dead you should come to our 2nd Supper Club in the courtyard while you still can enjoy eating outside. It's the second Thursday of every month, with a different menu each month, this one, taking place on the 13th of October,  celebrates the flavors of Mexico starting with platters of pickled vegetables, white bean spread, cheese and fresh baked bread. 
For the second course we have  a lime and avocado Caesar salad with toasted pumpkin seeds and cotija cheese.
Third course is smoked pork shoulder braised in a tomatillo sauce with roasted Delicata Squash served over sautéed white rice and red beans, garnished with cilantro.
For dessert we are going to have chili and dark chocolate pot de crème topped with sea salt.
Each ticket includes four courses, a glass of wine or beer, and gratuity.
For more information, visit

3) If you’ve never been to Sauvie Island in the summer to pick berries, or visited the beaches, (where people are mostly clothed) that is unfortunate for you, but it’s not too late this year!  You can still go to the Haunted Corn Maze!!!  

From September 3rd through the end of October (prices starting at $7), you and your friends can go get the s**t scared out of you at Bella Organics Farm, located at 16205 NW Gillihan Rd. To make it more fun, bring a flask and a designated driver.

4) Watching the Swifts is one of Portland’s coolest (and free) activities that only last through the month of September. Every year thousands of swifts use the chimney at Chapman Elementary School to roost on their migration to Central America, and before they go to bed they all fly in a a big swooping circle above the chimney while a hawk tries to pick off the stragglers.  Make sure to get there about an hour and a half before sunset to get the whole show and parking.

5) Free Lunch! There really is such a thing, thanks to Unitus Credit Union, Friday the 23rd at 12:00 a very pretty lady named Natalie is going to do Random Acts of Kindness where she buys everyone who comes in lunch until she reaches $250. It's supposed to be a surprise, so everyone act surprised!