Portland is a great place to travel on a budget, there is so much to see and do, especially in the summer months. If it’s your first time in Bridge City, or if you have lived here for years, here are some suggestions for some nearly free fun.

If you like gelato and live outdoor music played in a beautiful courtyard setting then you should come to the One North Courtyard on Fremont, (in between Williams and Vancouver) on Thursday Aug 11 from 4:30 to 6:00. Our Cafe opens out on the courtyard and we have happy hour and outside seating, so bring your kids and let them run around the courtyard hopped up on free gelato while you drink a 4 dollar - Fresh Squeezed IPA or our amazing Rosé (really it's a win win).

The Avalon on Belmont offers $3 movies and nickel games. It has been around forever, so you should go before it gets knocked down and turned into condos. The movie theater plays new movies and mostly smells like popcorn. If you have kids it's a great place to go with them for cheap. If you don't have kids, but want them some day, it's a good place to go and see what's in your future. If you don't want kids, you should still go, but you will leave with a renewed appreciation for your freedom. Plus you get tickets for every game you play and you can cash them out for prizes, like rubber bouncy balls. Who doesn't love that?

Cathedral park is located underneath the St. Johns bridge in St. John's. It has a view of the river and the under workings of the coolest suspension bridge in Oregon. if you haven't been to Cathedral Park, or just haven't been in awhile, you should definitely go. Grab a cup of coffee, read a book, take a nap or stop by Bread and Honey Cafe on your way, and we can pack you a sack lunch to go.

This summer marks the 10th season of Movies in the Park throughout Portland. Evening after evening, throughout the summer,  Portland parks offer cinematic magic in an outdoor setting. It’s an affordable way to enjoy a pleasant summer evening with family and neighbors.

If you can’t make it to any of these things this summer, one thing we can always promise you is happy hour at Bread and Honey. Daily we offer savory pastries, wine and beer, all for under $5.