Every week Bread and Honey Café is ranked the best breakfast restaurant in Portland!!!! Don't believe me? just ask Siri! And just because Siri doesn't have taste buds doesn't mean that she (and possibly my neighbors Roomba) doesn't have valuable insights, and just because Google doesn't even rate us in the top 20 breakfast restaurants doesn't mean we are not THE BEST.

I think that Google is being spiteful because he asked out Siri and she 'wronged numbered' him, and let's be honest, giving a search engine a wrong number is kinda like telling a psychic that you can't go out because you have to stay home and feed your cat, when you don't have a cat. So yes, Siri could have let Google down easier, but I don't think that Bread and Honey Café should suffer just because Google has hurt feelings. If this were a romantic comedy, and not just something I'm making up, Google and Siri would go on their first date at Bread and Honey Cafés' Supper Club and make breakfast the next morning. Yes, Siri has a slutty side.

Google would admit he was wrong about not putting Bread and Honey Café in the top 10 best restaurants in Portland and Siri would see just how long she could make her new monkey dance. I'm hoping at least until we're in the top 5. I guess my romantic comedy isn't romantic (or comedic).

Anyway, I might have gotten slightly off track, I actually wanted to talk about all the really fun things that Bread and Honey Café has going on this coming month;
Book Exchange on Wednesday, December 7,
Supper Club on Thursday, December 15,
Christmas on December 25, that everyone will enjoy at their own homes.

The first Book Exchange was really fun, given that it was the day after the election and everyone was depressed about how stupid we look to the rest of the world. A couple of bottles of white wine were a perfect fix, or temporarily made us forget anyway.

The menu for Supper Club is really really good, I'm not just saying that because I created it, it's actually my favorite so far, and yes yes I created them all so they are all my children but let's face it, the youngest is always the favorite, the first one is the practice baby, the middle one is really annoying and the last one is the baby, and everyone's favorite. It's only funny because of how many people will find that statement offensive, like the four people I know who read this, are all the oldest or as I like to call them, the practice babies...

First Course
Roasted fall vegetable platter with parsnips, delicata squash and carrots, served with a buttermilk blue cheese dipping sauce and Horseradish chive deviled eggs.
Second Course
Radicchio salad tossed in a sherry thyme vinaigrette topped with shaved monchego and garlic rye croutons.
Third Course
Meat Option: Blackened catfish, whipped sweet potatoes and bacon braised collared greensserved with mini jalapeño biscuits and salted honey butter.
Vegetarian Option: Our new mushroom leek, kale pie with a cornmeal crust served with
whipped sweet potatoes and roasted vegetables.
Forth Course
Cinnamon apple pecan pie with a bourbon salted caramel.

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