First I want to say that this is my second blog about breakfast sandwiches, the first one was deleted by a big idiot when trying to post it.. and yes, that big idiot was Joe, my husband...

Ok, it was me. Anyway, now I have to try and remember all the funny things I wrote about breakfast sandwiches.  So many witty yet insightful pros about the worlds number one favorite food; The Breakfast Sandwich.

So if you find this one dull it's because all my mastery and talent went into the first one, seriously it could have won the Pulitzer.

As I've previously stated, the breakfast sandwich is the worlds most universally celebrated food, I know, I was surprised when I read that too, so it was an even bigger honor to have read that our breakfast sandwiches are the best, not just in Portland, but in America!!

I also discovered today that Siri thinks we are the best breakfast in Portland, try and ask her...


Now I will describe them to you in detail.

Breakfast Panini:
We start with focaccia that is flaky and crispy and a little chewy and then we put 2 eggs that are still a little yolky, topped off with crispy bacon and Tillamook sharp white cheddar cheese and then grilled on a panini press. Now you have an amazing breakfast for only $6.50

Greek Panini Muffin:
The slightly redundant name shouldn't make you think this is a redundant sandwich, first it's on an English muffin, so that's different, then we put on our patented feta spread, one fried egg, then the oven dried tomato slices, which add a little sweet and a little tart, combined with the salty tang of the feta spread, and the peppery arugula make this breakfast sandwich worthy of our greatest breakfast sandwich in the world award. And it's only $4.50

Sausage and Egg Muffin:
This is my favorite breakfast sandwich mostly because I love most things spicy and the jalapeño red pepper cream cheese spread combined with the scrambled egg and sausage are an amazing combination. It could all be yours for only 5.00

So if you are ever in north Portland and are wondering who has the best breakfast sandwiches in America,  you should come to the Bread and Honey Café and try one for yourself.