Upcoming Events at Bread and Honey Café

Upcoming Events at Bread and Honey Café

Now that summer is in full swing… I'm ignoring the fact that as I'm writing this, it’s 60 degrees outside and raining…….so now that the sun is shining and my bottle tan legs aren't blinding my fellow pedestrians I can plan outside events in our beautiful courtyard, with no fear that the summer will never happen and I will remain glow in the dark white forever.

The first event is our Happy Hour Book Exchange June 21 at 5 pm. Bring a book and your love of wine conversion and popcorn!!! Leave with new books and new friends.

Next, we are hosting this month’s Impactful Women's social Hour on June 26 at 5:30, connect with like-minded women in business. I'm going to make an Impactful Happy Hour special with pulled pork sliders cilantro slaw and a glass of our amazing house white wine for 10 dollars.

Last but not least, I'm very excited to announce that our 7th Supper Club menu will be the best one yet!!! Thursday July 13th Starting at 5:30 we will serve the first course of rockfish Ceviche and avocado tomato salsa followed by a creamy lime Caesar salad with toasted pumpkin seeds cilantro and cotija.

Our main course is grilled and marinated flat iron steak, crispy sweet potatoes tossed in lime and browned butter with grilled red onion and topped with tomato corn salsa… ummm dessert with be coconut crème caramel with passion fruit purée. For reservations call the café at 503 444-7114

I hope to see you at one or all of our events where we combine our love of good food with our love of good conversation.

Things to Do in May: North Portland

Things to Do in May: North Portland

Well, the days are getting longer, the cherry trees are blowing their petals all over the city and it is still raining every mother F-ing day!!!! Welcome to May in Portland or as I like to call it, a brighter winter…but have no fear dear readers, or reader, I have found many activities that don't include standing in the rain looking at tulips.

The first one is walking in the rain …not looking at tulips,  for Walk Williams Wednesday on the 10th  from  5 to 9. The Williams Vancouver Business Alliance, which I am a part of, is promoting all the great small business on Williams by giving out passports that one can fill in by going to these businesses and asking for a stamp, the one with the most stamps gets a prize!!!!  Bread and Honey Café will not be participating this month because …I don't want to, and because I would rather go support my fellow business owners then stay open 2 hours later waiting for people who read the fine print and realized that Walk Williams Wednesday also includes Vancouver Ave.

The next on the list is Bread and Honey’s very own Happy Hour Book Exchange !!! On Wednesday the 17th starting at 5:00, bring a book that you've read but won't mind parting with, put in a pile of like-minded books, take a book that you judge solely on the cover and drink wine. Did I mention that I make popcorn? It's like a book club for people who love books but don't have time to read a crap book that doesn't get a plot for the first 80 pages, but everyone keeps telling you just to stick with it.

Now the best is usually saved for last, and this is no exception because the menu for this month's Supper Club is the best one yet !!! Thursday, May 25th at 6:30 we start with tomato basil bruschetta, house made ricotta, fig and balsamic reduction, a grilled asparagus salad with a goat cheese vinaigrette. Sweet potato Gnocchi with browned butter garlic sauce, sautéed greens and seared cod with basil pesto. The dessert is a coconut milk tiramisu with salted caramel sauce. And you get a glass of wine, beer or Prosecco for only 45 dollars. For more information, go to our website or call the Café to make a reservation.

Have a wonderful May, I hope to see you on one of those dates, and if you're new to Portland keep in mind that the weather doesn't feel like summer until after the 4th of July



The History of the kolache is a sordid one, full of forbidden love, double crosses and a gypsy curse. It all starts is the The Czech Republic and ends in Texas in 1829… actually none of that is true, I'm just making things up because my internet is down and I can't google the history of the kolache.

What I do know is that kolache shops are everywhere in Texas and that fruit kolache were brought over by the Czechs that emigrated to Texas in the year of… well, a long time ago, and somewhere along the way the sausage kolache was born. Czechs that live in the rest of the world don't recognize sausage kolaches as being kolaches, but anyone that has spent any time in taxes knows and loves the sausage kolache. My husband is from Huntsville Texas and his love of kolaches borders on obsession, in fact he built me a restaurant just so I would have a platform to share kolaches with Portland.

For those of you who don't know what a kolache is, your mind is about to be blown, by blown, I just mean you're about to learn a lot about kolaches. Your mind will be blown when you come in to Bread and Honey Café and eat your first kolache, after your mind is blown, you will wander around in a daze, wondering how you will be able to stop thinking about the smoky, salty, juicy Zenner's Sausage wrapped in a sleeping bag of, fluffy, sweet, yeasty dough.

You will have finally pulled yourself together, wiping your mouth, smoothing your hair and heading for the door, when you see that we have just taken something out of the oven, is that another flavor? Is that melted cheese and jalapeños? Oh My God !!!!

After you regain consciousness, you find that the good people at Bread and Honey Café have given you a small to go box with strict instructions not to open it until you are in the safety of your own home. As you run/walk home, you can't help but smell blueberries, lemon curd, cream cheese and vanilla. Yes crazy stranger, that's right, we also make fruit kolaches.

Snow Days and A Chicken Pot Pie, A Love Story!

Snow Days and A Chicken Pot Pie, A Love Story!

Some of you may have noticed that driving, walking, and just general living are a lot more difficult than they used to be, I'm not dissing the snow FYI, if it wasn't for the snow it would just be dark and wet with NOTHING to talk about. But when it's cold outside and your stuck inside the best thing you can possibly eat is a chicken pot pie!!! If you can't make it in to Bread and Honey Café for our chicken pot pie, I will give you the recipe and you can make it yourself.

Just in case anyone was worried about Bread and Honey being open on snow days, don't!! I will always risk my life and that of my employees to be a warm friendly place to go in a storm, plus with no one else open, we get all the neighborhood business.

Now lets get to the recipe.

First, start with two pounds of chicken, poached in salted water with half an onion, and 3 sprigs of tarragon.

While the chicken is poaching (about 20 to 30 minutes), fine dice a pound and a half of each: celery, carrots, and onion. Start sautéing your vegetables in a heavy bottom pan on medium heat with a table spoon of oil, sauté at least 10 minutes before turning down to low and adding a table spoon of butter.

Sweat your vegetables down until you can see oil on the bottom of the pan, when that happens add 3 tablespoons of flour until it gets absorbed in the fat, you are basically making a roux, slowly add 4 cups of the tarragon chicken stock to the sautéed vegetables until it looks like chicken gravy.

While your gravy is simmering on low, dice the poached chicken and add it to the gravy, cook on low for 20 min stirring frequently.

For your crust, use any recipe you want, I like galette dough because it has cornmeal and I like cornmeal. Don't forget to omit the sugar, and don't forget to roll out enough dough for the top crust.

Roll out your dough and line your baking dish, put into the fridge while you finish the pot pie filling, adjusts the seasoning with salt and pepper and add 1 cup frozen peas.

I make this extremely easy delicious pot pie filling more often than any other savory pie recipe, because it's everyone's favorite.  But, just so we're clear, I've never measured any of my ingredients, so consider this “recipe” more of a rough guideline than anything written in stone.

Bake on 350 for 25 minutes, let cool and enjoy

January Sucks!

January Sucks!

January sucks!!!!
I'm not going to sugar coat it for you guys, January in Portland is cold, wet, dark and the worst part... boring!

People are trying to live up to their futile New Years resolutions, which usually means drinking less, eating less cookies, spending less money etc. No good stories start with, “so instead of drinking a bottle of champagne alone and cyber stalking my ex boyfriend’s current girlfriends, I went to the gym “ boring!!! Just to be clear, drinking and cyber stalking does not make a good story, unless you leave comments that you wish you hadn't, not that I'm promoting bad behavior, I just don't like boring stories.

Anyway, I decided to fix January for everyone by making 3 fun events at Bread and Honey Café. All ages welcome, except children. Drinking is not mandatory, but certainly encouraged.

First, the most popular event in world... okay, not the world, just the west coast, it's our Happy Hour Book Exchange!!! The second Wednesday of January (January 11) at 5:00 pm at Bread and Honey Café, bring your old books, your love of cheap wine and I'll make the popcorn.

Second, come join us for our first Hot Winter Cocktail Party. We are teaming up with Hot Winter Hot Sauce to make specialty cocktails with their amazing chili brine and I'm going use their delicious sauces to make Carrolton Farms pulled pork sliders. Have a honey chili bourbon cocktail with a pulled pork and Apple slaw slider for only 10 dollars. Friday the 13th at 5:00
Cold January meet Hot Winter... "How do you do?"

Last but not least, the fourth Bread and Honey Supper Club. The last Thursday of January (January at 6:30 at Bread and Honey Café. If you haven't been to one yet, now is the perfect chance to get in on the fun. Here is the menu for this upcoming event;

First Course, Meat, cheese and olive platter with a cucumber feta salad and warm pita bread.
Second Course, spinach and cheese spanakopita served with an arugula red onion salad with parsley and mint.
Third Course, Greek lamb shank braised in a tomato, wine garlic sauce, served with lemon, butter and chive rice pilaf with gingered bitter greens.
Fourth Course, honey phyllo baklava with vanilla bean ice cream.


My Favorites and Least Favorites

My Favorites and Least Favorites

I love cooking, I love the outcome of my work, seeing people enjoy it. Reading the reviews on Yelp and Facebook, watching happy faces as they finish their last bite of a brown butter chocolate chip cookie. But it's not all fun and games folks... Here are a few of my least favorite things about cooking brunch, plus a few of my favorite brunch specials.

Our special scramble this past weekend was so good 3 regulars begged me to put in on the menu, BEGGED!! I said I’d think about. Bacon, Brie, and mushroom scramble with sautéed arugula, shallots and roasted garlic. Served with breakfast potatoes and toast, yummmm.

This one is easy, one of my least favorite things about cooking brunch is, and don't laugh, but it's being cold. It's like the saying goes, “If you don't like the heat say no to the heated make up air when you are building your kitchen.” For those of you who don't know, heated make up air is what the hood vent above the stove creates, when it sucks the heat and grease out of the air then blows outside air from the roof back on to me. I love the heat and I hate being cold and the only reason that I said no to the heated make up air is because it was $3k and I thought it was for weenies, whoever heard of a kitchen being too cold? it's probably because everyone springs for heated make up air. Anyway, It's ironic because I made a big deal about canceling it. I thought my business partner was being talked into something stupid and now I'm the one that's getting ice cold air blown down the back of my neck.

My next favorite brunch special is a little spicy and a little sweet and really good with sour cream, but really, what isn't? Our Chorizo & Sweet Potato Hash, with green chilies, sweet onions and sautéed greens. Served with 2 eggs and a biscuits. It's AMAZING!!!!

No back to the naughty list, this one is vexing more than anything else, it's like watching old people put ketchup on a well done steak, you already ruined the meat and now your just insulting it. Okay, my second brunch pet peeve is, over hard eggs! Come on people the yolk is the best part!!! And-and-and, they take forever, and I only have six burners and four egg pans so time is of the essence and I don't like to waste it making something that taste like a mistake.

Next on the specials list, this one was very popular with its healthy amount of vegetables and smokey delicious bacon. Early fall breakfast bowl with sautéed kale, shallots, bacon and delicata squash. Served over breakfast potatoes, with 2 eggs sunny side up.

I saved my very least favorite thing about brunch for the end and I don't want to disappoint anyone by how unoriginal this one is. It's like living in Portland and complaining about traffic or condos or millennials (all of which are my favorite things to complain about by the way), but I digress. My absolute, worst, most annoying thing to make for brunch is egg white omelettes, or egg white anything really, they burn really fast, it takes forever to separate them, and if we were ment to only eat the whites then God would have made chickens differently. Also, haven't we all been told that the cholesterol egg thing is a myth?

Well, there you have it, if you are curious about what my next brunch special is come to Bread and Honey Café and find out... If you want overhard eggs, or an egg-white omelet, I'll make it for you, with love! ;)

The Robots Have Voted!

The Robots Have Voted!

Every week Bread and Honey Café is ranked the best breakfast restaurant in Portland!!!! Don't believe me? just ask Siri! And just because Siri doesn't have taste buds doesn't mean that she (and possibly my neighbors Roomba) doesn't have valuable insights, and just because Google doesn't even rate us in the top 20 breakfast restaurants doesn't mean we are not THE BEST.

I think that Google is being spiteful because he asked out Siri and she 'wronged numbered' him, and let's be honest, giving a search engine a wrong number is kinda like telling a psychic that you can't go out because you have to stay home and feed your cat, when you don't have a cat. So yes, Siri could have let Google down easier, but I don't think that Bread and Honey Café should suffer just because Google has hurt feelings. If this were a romantic comedy, and not just something I'm making up, Google and Siri would go on their first date at Bread and Honey Cafés' Supper Club and make breakfast the next morning. Yes, Siri has a slutty side.

Google would admit he was wrong about not putting Bread and Honey Café in the top 10 best restaurants in Portland and Siri would see just how long she could make her new monkey dance. I'm hoping at least until we're in the top 5. I guess my romantic comedy isn't romantic (or comedic).

Anyway, I might have gotten slightly off track, I actually wanted to talk about all the really fun things that Bread and Honey Café has going on this coming month;
Book Exchange on Wednesday, December 7,
Supper Club on Thursday, December 15,
Christmas on December 25, that everyone will enjoy at their own homes.

The first Book Exchange was really fun, given that it was the day after the election and everyone was depressed about how stupid we look to the rest of the world. A couple of bottles of white wine were a perfect fix, or temporarily made us forget anyway.

The menu for Supper Club is really really good, I'm not just saying that because I created it, it's actually my favorite so far, and yes yes I created them all so they are all my children but let's face it, the youngest is always the favorite, the first one is the practice baby, the middle one is really annoying and the last one is the baby, and everyone's favorite. It's only funny because of how many people will find that statement offensive, like the four people I know who read this, are all the oldest or as I like to call them, the practice babies...

First Course
Roasted fall vegetable platter with parsnips, delicata squash and carrots, served with a buttermilk blue cheese dipping sauce and Horseradish chive deviled eggs.
Second Course
Radicchio salad tossed in a sherry thyme vinaigrette topped with shaved monchego and garlic rye croutons.
Third Course
Meat Option: Blackened catfish, whipped sweet potatoes and bacon braised collared greensserved with mini jalapeño biscuits and salted honey butter.
Vegetarian Option: Our new mushroom leek, kale pie with a cornmeal crust served with
whipped sweet potatoes and roasted vegetables.
Forth Course
Cinnamon apple pecan pie with a bourbon salted caramel.

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Portland's Best Breakfast Sandwiches

Portland's Best Breakfast Sandwiches

First I want to say that this is my second blog about breakfast sandwiches, the first one was deleted by a big idiot when trying to post it.. and yes, that big idiot was Joe, my husband...

Ok, it was me. Anyway, now I have to try and remember all the funny things I wrote about breakfast sandwiches.  So many witty yet insightful pros about the worlds number one favorite food; The Breakfast Sandwich.

So if you find this one dull it's because all my mastery and talent went into the first one, seriously it could have won the Pulitzer.

As I've previously stated, the breakfast sandwich is the worlds most universally celebrated food, I know, I was surprised when I read that too, so it was an even bigger honor to have read that our breakfast sandwiches are the best, not just in Portland, but in America!!

I also discovered today that Siri thinks we are the best breakfast in Portland, try and ask her...


Now I will describe them to you in detail.

Breakfast Panini:
We start with focaccia that is flaky and crispy and a little chewy and then we put 2 eggs that are still a little yolky, topped off with crispy bacon and Tillamook sharp white cheddar cheese and then grilled on a panini press. Now you have an amazing breakfast for only $6.50

Greek Panini Muffin:
The slightly redundant name shouldn't make you think this is a redundant sandwich, first it's on an English muffin, so that's different, then we put on our patented feta spread, one fried egg, then the oven dried tomato slices, which add a little sweet and a little tart, combined with the salty tang of the feta spread, and the peppery arugula make this breakfast sandwich worthy of our greatest breakfast sandwich in the world award. And it's only $4.50

Sausage and Egg Muffin:
This is my favorite breakfast sandwich mostly because I love most things spicy and the jalapeño red pepper cream cheese spread combined with the scrambled egg and sausage are an amazing combination. It could all be yours for only 5.00

So if you are ever in north Portland and are wondering who has the best breakfast sandwiches in America,  you should come to the Bread and Honey Café and try one for yourself.

It's November and So Much is Happening at Bread & Honey

It's November and So Much is Happening at Bread & Honey

November is a great time of year in Portland, the weather gets cooler, leaves have fallen, and there is a constant mist in the air. We tend to spend more time indoors, but that doesnt mean you have to sit at home and watch Netflix all day everyday.

Come in to check out our new fall/winter menu. We have added on many new grilled sandwiches, such as the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich with feta spread mozzarella and sharp cheddar, you can add tomato to it for only a dollar. Or the Sweet-and-Hot Grilled Sandwich with ham, salami caramelized onion, pickled jalapeños and mozzarella. And let's not forget the Roasted Vegetable and Three Cheese Panini, with portobello, red peppers, and red onions and arugula. They are all delicious, and grilled sandwich just makes you feel good inside when it's cold out.

We're not just new menus this month, I am so excited about our upcoming event on Wednesday November 9th, I just need to give it a catchy name...  maybe I'll tell you what the event is all about and you, all my readers can, help me name it.

Okay, so essentially it's a book exchange with wine, lots of wine and snacks. It works like this, ladies with books (I only say ladies because I don't know any men who read fiction) that they have already read and most likely won't read again, can come to the café and put them in a pile and take out a new book to read. We will have happy hour and popcorn and wine, did I mention wine? Maybe we should just have it be a wine club. :)
How about the Happy Hour Book Exchange ? Or the Read & Feed ? No that's stupid, how about the Wine and Rand ? No, I don't think wine and the Fountainhead go well together.

Happy Hour Book Exchange it is !!! Wednesday, November 9th at 5:00pm, so bring your books and your friends and your love of popcorn....

Our Supper Club returns on Thursday the the 10th of November,  at 6:30pm. Our menu this month is Korean braised short ribs with pickled daikon and house made shiitake mushroom pot stickers and coconut five spice crème brûlée.  If you have missed they last two, they have been tons of fun.

Well, that's all the exciting news I have for now. Hope to see you this month at some point. :)

Breakfast Empanadas!!!!

Breakfast Empanadas!!!!

I would like to introduce our new Bacon & Sweet Potato Breakfast Empanada.

Not enough is said about breakfast empanadas, but I'm about to change all that, their crispy on the outside and warm and cheesy on the inside and we make two different kinds every day at the Bread and Honey Café.

Here is the recipe for our new amazing empanadas;

  • 1 pound of sweet potatoes, peeled and boiled.
  • 1 pound of Yukon potatoes, boiled whole skins on.
  • 1 bunch of kale, boiled in salted water
  • 12 oz of cooked, chopped bacon
  • 8 oz of grated sharp white cheddar
  • 1 cup of sour cream
  • 12 eggs very softly scrabbled
  • 1 tablespoon fine diced shallots
  • 1 T kosher salt

Squeeze and chop the kale.
Sautéed shallots with the bacon and Kale.
Peel Yukon and sweet potatoes and cut into small pieces.
Mix all ingredients together and let cool on a floured surface.
Roll empanada dough into a 1/8 inch thick slab.
Cut into rounds, 3 to 4 inches across.
Scoop filling into the center of the dough rounds.
Egg wash the outer edges of the rounds, fold over and crimp edges with a fork.

Bake at 375 for 12 minutes or until it looks like something you want to eat.
This recipe makes a whole bunch, so for those of you who are making this for less than 20 people
you should probably cut the recipe in half.

This weekend, for our brunch special we are going to make these Breakfast Empanadas with chorizo instead of bacon and served with two eggs any way, topped with salsa and sour cream...

Oh my, so good!!

5 Things To Do this Fall!

5 Things To Do this Fall!

It's FALL! And I have a list of five great fall activities that don't include pumpkin spice lattes.

1) Go to the river one last time to say goodbye, take a deep breath and appreciate the changing light and the changing leaves.
Say goodbye to tomatoes and zucchini and say hello to Delicata Squash and yams.
Say goodbye to cleanses and diets and say hello to wine braised meats, and red wine.
Say goodbye to salads and say hello to soups.
Say goodbye to socially awkward barbecues and say hello to Netflix.

2) Before you break out your Snuggy and start binge watching The Walking Dead you should come to our 2nd Supper Club in the courtyard while you still can enjoy eating outside. It's the second Thursday of every month, with a different menu each month, this one, taking place on the 13th of October,  celebrates the flavors of Mexico starting with platters of pickled vegetables, white bean spread, cheese and fresh baked bread. 
For the second course we have  a lime and avocado Caesar salad with toasted pumpkin seeds and cotija cheese.
Third course is smoked pork shoulder braised in a tomatillo sauce with roasted Delicata Squash served over sautéed white rice and red beans, garnished with cilantro.
For dessert we are going to have chili and dark chocolate pot de crème topped with sea salt.
Each ticket includes four courses, a glass of wine or beer, and gratuity.
For more information, visit

3) If you’ve never been to Sauvie Island in the summer to pick berries, or visited the beaches, (where people are mostly clothed) that is unfortunate for you, but it’s not too late this year!  You can still go to the Haunted Corn Maze!!!  

From September 3rd through the end of October (prices starting at $7), you and your friends can go get the s**t scared out of you at Bella Organics Farm, located at 16205 NW Gillihan Rd. To make it more fun, bring a flask and a designated driver.

4) Watching the Swifts is one of Portland’s coolest (and free) activities that only last through the month of September. Every year thousands of swifts use the chimney at Chapman Elementary School to roost on their migration to Central America, and before they go to bed they all fly in a a big swooping circle above the chimney while a hawk tries to pick off the stragglers.  Make sure to get there about an hour and a half before sunset to get the whole show and parking.

5) Free Lunch! There really is such a thing, thanks to Unitus Credit Union, Friday the 23rd at 12:00 a very pretty lady named Natalie is going to do Random Acts of Kindness where she buys everyone who comes in lunch until she reaches $250. It's supposed to be a surprise, so everyone act surprised!

5 Surprising & Delicious Gluten-Free Brunch Items at Bread and Honey Café

5 Surprising & Delicious Gluten-Free Brunch Items at Bread and Honey Café

Well I kinda tricked you a little bit with that title, because all of our scrambles and specials are gluten free (minus the toast). But they are all delicious, so it wasn’t a lie.

1 ) The most surprising gluten-free item on our brunch menu is our Bacon Apple Corn Cakes!!! 

Made with cornmeal and oat flour (that we make ourselves) and pumpkin purée. The other shocking thing about them is they are made without dairy. They however,  are not vegan, aside from the bacon they also have eggs, you need something to hold them all together. So while they are cooking on the grill we sprinkle crispy bacon on them and then flip them, cook a little more on the bacon side. Served with sautéed apples and cinnamon, brown sugar, and lots of butter.  So if you can't have dairy, then get the apples on the side. You have to taste them.

2) This one is not surprising at all if you know what gluten is, even in its obviousness, it's delicious. Our Fruit and Yogurt Parfait, made with house made granola, Nancy's unsweetened yogurt, strawberries, pineapple, honeydew and topped with honey…..yummm!

3) The Greek Scramble, made with three large eggs, sautéed spinach, roasted garlic , sweet red peppers and lots of feta. If you love feta, this is the one for you! I love feta and I don't skimp.

4) The Spicy Bacon Mushroom, made with shallots, jalapeños and sautéed mushrooms cooked with chopped bacon and topped with white cheddar, so good and the most popular scramble we have.

5) The Italian Scramble made with sautéed zucchini, roasted tomatoes (side note; I roast all the tomatoes that are being mixed with eggs because otherwise they add to much water to the scramble end up diluting the flavor of the eggs), and then a spoonful of house made pesto and top it all off with mozzarella. It’s very good and with the white cheese, green pesto and red tomatoes, you are pretty much eating the Italian flag.

If you want to watch me make any of these amazing dishes, from the safe distend of the dining room, come by for brunch, Saturday and Sunday 8 to 2 (or 3 depending on how the day is going).

Events to Look Forward to at Bread and Honey Café

Events to Look Forward to at Bread and Honey Café

If you have joined us for brunch, you know that we have a great time. So now we are taking things into the night. This even is going to be so fun, I can't wait to share it with you.

So without further ado I would like to introduce Bread and Honey's Supper Club !! The first Thursday of each month we will have dinner, wine and dancing (without the dancing, although if the spirit moves you I won't judge).

So let me paint you a picture of what the event will look like:

The first event will be on Thursday, September 8.

6:30 Arrival
Guest start to arrive, they are greeted by a very handsome server with a tasting of white and red wine.  While guests sip their first glass of wine and mingle in the courtyard the very friendly and attractive staff will serve cheese, salami and fruit platters with fresh baked bread.

7:00 Seating
Guest will choose their seats from the outdoor courtyard or within the café.

7:15 First Course
Roasted beets tossed in a honey lime dressing and plated with blue cheese and crispy shallots.

7:30 Second Course
Dinner is served, wine braised brisket with crispy polenta, or spinach cheese pies with radicchio salad or quinoa filled squish with braised greens. All dinners are served with rainbow roasted carrots tossed in Italian salsa verde.

8:00 Dessert
Coconut cream custard topped with sautéed pears in brown sugar butter and whiskey.

8:30 Conclusion
Our first event will conclude with all our happy customers leaving well fed and a little drunk, but not too drunk to drive home of course.

I haven't mentioned the best part of this event yet, we have amazing food, friendly attractive servers, dinner in the beautiful courtyard, but the best part is  that all this could be yours for just 40 dollars for the brisket and only 30 for the vegetarian or vegan options, and tip is included!

Feeding the Beast. What You Should and Should Not Eat With PMS.

Feeding the Beast. What You Should and Should Not Eat With PMS.

Bread and Honey Café is largely staffed by women, and because nature is cruel, all of our pms happens in the same week (poor Trevor). I've  done some research that I wanted  to share with my readers, this is for you mom.

Quinoa, whole wheat and oatmeal all are complex carbohydrates which will boost serotonin, the feel good hormone.  Even though I've never noticed the feeling of Euphoria after eating a bowl of oatmeal, it can't hurt, plus everyone should eat more fiber.

Grilled salmon, chia seeds, and avocados are all  high in omega-3 fatty acids which have also been called nature's antidepressants by Harvard researchers. So next time your husband is standing in front of the closed refrigerator, asking if you still have almond milk, rather than opening the door and looking inside like a normal person, just take a deep breath and a big swig off that bottle of extra Virgin olive oil and maybe he'll think you're crazy enough not to bother  with stupid questions for the rest of the day.

Turkey, chicken and lean red meat have vitamin B12,  which will give you a boost of energy to help you get from work to your couch,  so you can binge watch New Girl, I obviously don't have kids, and when your husband comes home from working 11 hours and the house is a mess and you've eaten all the chips and not made dinner, you can remind him that this is not the 1950 and that being a feminist means having choices, and I can choose to lay around in my own filth if I want!!!

Moving on, kale, spinach, and romaine are high in vitamin A, which help acne.  Because, being bloated, tired, and bitchy aren't enough, we also get breakouts from our periods, and the worst part is, when it’s finally over and we're too old to even have periods any more, instead of frolicking around in white shorts any time we want, we grow beards.

This wraps up the foods to eat, now let's move on to the foods to avoid.

Okay, this is really important, do not under any circumstances consume tequila!!!

I once through my husband (but then boyfriend) out of my apartment in a tequila pms fueled rage, and woke up alone and confused as to where he went.

So after consulting my menu, I've determined what the best lunch is, for feeding the beast, the one salad that uses all the ingredients we talked about is the mediterranean quinoa salad, with chicken. We have romaine lettuce for acne, quinoa for that feel good hormone serotonin, and chicken for vitamin B12 which gives you energy, plus  the olive oil  in the tahini dressing for omega 3 fatty acids, nature's antidepressant… enjoy!

 4 Best Vegetarian Entrées at the Bread and Honey Café

4 Best Vegetarian Entrées at the Bread and Honey Café

In the dog days of summer, even if you aren’t a vegetarian, with the heat, you don't always want to eat dog’s, chicken or… You know the feeling.

If you want a light lunch and you're in North Portland, come into the Bread and Honey Café and try one of our light and tasty vegetarian lunches.  If you want some protein, add our all natural chicken, brined and marinated in lemon garlic and parsley, to any salad for only 3 dollars.

  1. Quinoa Mediterranean Salad with tahini lemon dressing, topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and feta. Plus, quinoa is considered a complete protein, meaning it packs all nine essential amino acids your body needs. Take away the feta and this salad is vegan.

  2. Greek Salad with our lemon chickpeas, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta and pepperoncinis. This salad is bursting with flavor, and chickpeas also contain protein.

  3. Hummus Cucumber Tomato Sandwich with red onions on rye bread. This sandwich is  served with a side, choose either our Honey Shallot Lime Beet Salad, Grandma's Yukon Potato Salad or Lemon Parsley Chickpea Salad to keep your meal vegetarian.

  4. Our special for the summer is a Beet Salad Sandwich on grilled focaccia, blue cheese aioli, marinated beets, topped with arugula and red onion tossed in our honey shallot dressing. This sandwich is soo good, you’ll be sad to see summer go!

  5. The good news is that we have one more amazing vegetarian lunch item, the bad news is that I can't count very well, apparently… so let's talk about my Spinach Cheese Pies, with a cornmeal crust, sautéed spinach, onions, roasted garlic, smoked gouda and sour cream make up the filling, plus a classic galette dough make up the crust. They are amazingly delicious, and with a side green salad you have a perfect lunch.

My personal Philosophy on meat vs vegetables is such, factory farming is disgusting and cruel but if we don't put our money into better farming practices then it will never get better, also, I really like bacon, but a little bit of bacon goes a long way, I like to use a couple of pieces at a time to flavor tomato sauce, rice dishes or legumes, you don't have to use much to get a lot of smoky bacon flavor. Using meat and dairy as a flavoring tool rather than the main course is a lot healthier than eating a lot of meat and cheese all  at once.

You shouldn't feel like you have to take a nap after you eat lunch, that's your body using all its energy to digest, so if you have to go back to work after lunch, come to Bread and Honey Café and partake in our vegetarian salads.

Things To Do In Portland For Under 5 Dollars.

Things To Do In Portland For Under 5 Dollars.

Portland is a great place to travel on a budget, there is so much to see and do, especially in the summer months. If it’s your first time in Bridge City, or if you have lived here for years, here are some suggestions for some nearly free fun.

Perfectly Seasoned Breakfast Potatoes

Perfectly Seasoned Breakfast Potatoes

At The Bead and honey Café we make the best breakfast potatoes ever! Perfectly crisp and seasoned to perfection. Everyone loves them. Here is my spice recipe that makes them taste so good